Friday, March 16, 2012

Planes, trains and, buses.

If all goes according to plan, about 24 hours from now I'll be sitting in an airport in Georgia waiting for a connecting flight to New York. Win.

Once I'm in NY, I'll get to see some awesome friends I haven't seen seen in a while, and we're going to have great adventures. We'll probably cook things, because apparently that's how I roll when I travel.

BUT. I'll be traveling from New York to Virginia over the weekend as well. I have several options--please, lend me your opinions, as I'm still not sure what to choose.

  • Air: Costs around $350. No worries about safety. Travel time is pretty short, and relatively hassle-free.
  • Train: Costs around $170. No worries about safety. Travel time is long, and probably pretty hassle-free.
  • Greyhound Bus: Costs around $65. Not over worried about safety. Travel would be all night--arrival time is 5:45 am, and there may be some hassles. But hey, cheap and pretty reliable.
  • GoToBus (my favorite choice): $35. No guarantees on safety. No guarantees you get a seat. No guarantees the driver will be awake the full trip. But by golly, if you get on board, you'll probably get to your destination. Getting your luggage back is optional. Bus leaves from odd places in the city and will probably drop you off at an abandoned parking lot outside a mall, around midnight.  Did I mention it's only $35?  

As this leg of the trip will be happening within the next 72 hours, I'd appreciate the feedback. What do you think?


Shelbert said...
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Shelbert said...

Greyhound bus. It's easier to sleep on. But this might be an opportunity to ride a sweet train!
Do it!

Merry said...

Hahahaha! This is great. What did you end up taking? I have really not enjoyed some of my experiences on Greyhound, but compared to that other bus service you described, I'd say that Greyhound is probably a pretty good option!